Sunday, March 9, 2008

Unfailing Love

Photo: Covered and wrapped up in the Word,
courtesy of photographer Taylor
Let your unfailing love surround us,


for our hope is in you alone.

Psalm 33:22

How amazing is your unfailing love, Lord!
I confess that I can relate more and more to the Israelites who had short-term memory when it came to trusting God. Many times He delivered them, just as He promised He spite of their mistrust, their doubt, and their fears.

I have been a recipient of and/or witnessed God's miraculous deliverance, His miraculous provision, and His miraculous healing many times. But, it seems with the latest struggles in my life, I have developed amnesia. I easily forget how great and might my God is! I know the Word, but my faith seems so weak right now.

My Sunday School lesson this week was so fitting and timely for my circumstances. We are studying David in a book by Beth Moore called A Heart Like His.

My Sunday School teacher, Liz said, "Just like David sometimes our walk with God is filled with faith and peace. And then at other times we find ourselves making those "figure eight" patterned steps. Instead of walking in faith straight ahead we start making those figure eight patterned steps. We waver from side to side. We turn around and run, we come full circle and then back again. We need help, we need encouragement, we need to look up!" Beth Moore says "The enemy will always appear larger if we fail to look up." Our "enemy" (circumstances/problems) seems so big and overwhelming, we feel weak and our God seems small."

I was so touched today as the ladies in my Sunday School class gathered around me to pray, then presented me with a beautiful prayer blanket. Before me, there have been many other, much more deserving, precious ladies that have been the recipient of prayer blankets through our Sunday School class' Prayer Blanket Ministry. Today I wept and was completely humbled, yet strengthened as I clutched the blanket in my arms. What a beautiful picture of how God surrounds me and covers me with His unfailing love...through my dear sisters in Christ. You see, we need one another. Ecclesiastes 5:12 says, "A cord of three strands is not easily broken."

Experiencing this kind of encouragment from my "sisters" today makes me realize how tragic it is for one to be without Christ...our hope alone. Oh, Father, thank you for your unfailing love. I praise you for the sacrifice you made to ransom my soul. Lord, open my eyes this week to a person who needs to know about your unfailing love.

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