Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Under His Wings

"…how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!"
Luke 13:34 (NIV)
We have a new family pet....temporarily. Late yesterday afternoon, practically at dark, a mother hen and her baby chicks wandered into our yard. As soon as the mother hen sensed we were around she gathered her brood and scurried into the brush, leaving one baby chick behind. We tried to help it along, placing it near the thicket where the rest of the family was, but its clumsy, weak legs couldn't catch up. Against my better judgment, I allowed my children to bring the frail little chick indoors where they began to nurse the poor fellow back to health.

His weak peeping noise indicated he was frightened and hungry. They put water in a bottle cap and the chick gradually began to take nourishment. They even made a mush of oatmeal for the hatchling, which he heartily devoured. Before long they had christened the baby chick with a fitting name, Lil Peep and even created a home for him from a box, complete with central heat, a heating pad placed under the box.

As they went off to bed, leaving the minute fowl within earshot of my bedroom, knowing it would be peeping loudly most of the night, the Queen of the Coop instructed its caretakers that Lil Peep must be returned to his mother in the morning. Although they had tried to care for the little bird, the best place for him would be with mother hen, I contended, under her protective wing. Hopefully the Lil Peep will 'fly the coop,' return to mother hen, and be accepted back into the brood.
In Luke 13:34 Jesus shows His strong desire to draw together His people unto him, like a mother hen gathers her chicks protectively under her wing. Then He grieves that His people were not willing to be gathered. We should not hesitate, but rush to Him…His sheltering wing. There is no safer place. We don't have to worry about whether or not He will accept us.
image of hen and chicks found at google images.com


jenedypaige said...

Hi Gina,
I happened upon your blog while preparing a Sunday School lesson for eight year olds. I'll be teaching them about how Christ gathers us under His wings today, so thanks for your insight. Thank you also just for having a blog that testifies of Christ. I also strive to do the same, but through artwork. www.jenedypaigepaintings.blogspot.com. We Christians gotta stick together! Thank you!

Jenedy Paige

Anonymous said...

I was searching for an image of a mother hen and her chicks, which led me to your blog. I enjoyed reading your stuff. It's nice to find others that have a love for Christ(and you have a sense of humor!) Always an encouragement. Thanks and God Bless.
Your Sister in Christ,
Heidi Winder