Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Know I Can

Krista wrote this today on the carepage for Garrett....

Garrett's favorite book when he was little was "The Little Engine That Could". He would pick out this book to read night after night. Now more than ever, Garrett is applying that story's message to his life. As Cristal sat by Garrett's side today, she reminded Garrett of that story and said to him, "I think I can, I think I can". It is so beautiful knowing that with our faith in God, we KNOW HE CAN! The family has been continually blessed by Garrett's progress today. As Cristal talked to Garrett the nurse would say to him, "Now hold your Mama's hand, ya hear me Garrett, hold your Mama's hand!" Garrett then softly squeezed her hand! As Cristal whispered in his ear his eyes would twitch. We know that Garrett is in the middle of battle; however we can rest assured because he is protected by the saving blood of Jesus. I had the opportunity to see Garrett for the first time today. We hear the reports from the doctors and the family, but seeing it first hand was really moving. God is really working in this little boy. I thought the power of God felt strong in the waiting room, but being in the room with Garrett you could feel God so strongly. While it was hard seeing Garrett this way, I wasn't scared. I had an overwhelming sense of peace. I know 100% that he is going to walk out of here and return to all of us that love him so. Garrett's family has remained so strong. It is amazing how God gives us the strength to look fear in the face. We so humbly realize that we could never do this alone. The doctor’s have reported that Garrett will remain on his sedation medication throughout the rest of the weekend. They think they will remove the chest tube sometime tomorrow and reported that his kidneys are functioning well. Garrett is tentatively scheduled to have surgery on his broken arm Monday. After this surgery they will then begin weaning him off sedation meds; allowing Garrett to move forward in the total healing process. I wish each one of you could see the impact your messages have on this family. To see them smile as they read each one is a small miracle in itself. Thank you all so much!

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