Monday, February 18, 2008

Daughter Of Mine

.. our daughters may be as corner stones,
polished after the similitude of a palace...
Psalm 144:12


Sixteen-year old emerald eyes
Wants independence and freedom now,
Challenging, Testing, Demanding her way
No different than when she was a ringlet tot,
sweet cherub in my lap
In my heart to stay
Now Wavering, Dithering, Irresolute
She beckons me to her castle. Mom! I hear her say
Up the stairs I slowly trod
My legs won’t go much faster
Approaching this temperamental princess
what could be the matter
I wonder, question, speculate
Why she calls for me,
She's coaxing me to sit upon her
Soft Pink Calico fabric quilt
This self-determined woman-girl
Says now bend down and come near
whispers, twirling soft brown curl
Quiet in my ear
Will you lay down with me? Right over here.
She turns the covers back
I moan, complain, protest
Acting as if I am bothered by
This immature request
I then give in
Lie down sighing with an impish grin upon my face
Listing all the tasks I have left to do in this hurried crazy race
I ask her to cuddle closer and now I whisper in her ear
I have something to say to you…
My brunette, emerald eyed, fair-faced daughter dear
That you still want me close

To share a moment or two

Is something of a gift between only me and you

Precious daughter of mine

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