Friday, October 10, 2008

Who are you trusting?

The Lord is exalted,
for He dwells on high;
he will fill Zion
with justice and righteousness,
He will be the stability of your times.
Abundance of salvation,
wisdom, and knowledge,
and fear of the Lord
is Zion's Treasure.
Isaiah 33:5-6
My wise father predicted this current financial disaster some time back. With almost forty years in financial planning he has seen it all. For the past five years he has given advice coupled with warnings to clients, and family alike, concerning the inevitable failure of banks, etc.
It is tempting to become cynical and worry about the plight of our country. I have a tendency to think man-made security is enough until the bottom falls out like it has lately. My husband mentioned that he is going to look up his 401k to see just how badly it has been hit. It is a real concern. Lots of uncertainty in these days. It reminds me that I shouldn't put my trust in anything but Christ Jesus.
The Word reminds me that He will be the stability of your times. What comfort that brings me! Even if I were to lose every material posession, even my life, I can be secure. My eternal inheritance is secure. I trust Jesus!
“Our circumstances are all in opposition to the promises of God. He promises us immortality: yet we are surrounded by mortality and corruption. He declares that He accounts us just: yet we are covered with sins. He testifies that He is propitious and benevolent toward us: yet outward signs threaten His wrath.
What then are we to do? We must close our eyes, disregard ourselves and all things connected to us, so that nothing may hinder or prevent us from believing that God is true.”
—John Calvin, commenting on Rom 4:20, in Thomas Schreiner and Ardel Canaday, The Race Set Before Us (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2001), 282
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