Friday, October 31, 2008


If you have been even remotely curious as to why I have not posted any of my muddled thoughts lately, I want to put all your wonderings to rest.
The simple explanation ... my computer is in ICU. Diagnosis: potentially fatal viral infection.
Please put it on your prayer list.

Sadly, if my computer does not recover and ... gulp ... dies, well, then thousands, yes, thousands of pictures will die along with it. These photos stored on my infected computer are irreplaceable ones I should have long ago burned to cds, but foolishly didn't. Hard lesson learned!

I am currently using son Taylor's laptop. He mistakenly thinks that the use of his computer is the reason I am so happy he is home for the weekend. Silly boy.
Actually, it does feel good to have my fingers tap these keys ... it has been almost a full week after all! Seriously though, I am one happy mom when he comes home... especially when it's my birthday! What a great present!

While Taylor is home I will enjoy cooking for him and having endless, deep, thought-provoking discussions late into the night. (mainly about the hotly contested presidential drama, er upcoming election)

Although there is a working computer temporarily in my presence, son is limiting my use of his Dell so I still can not promise much production on the blog scene. Apparently, he has some relatively important assignment due ... a term paper on economics and the presidency. Until I return to the blog world permanently, keep my computer in your prayers!


Michelle said...

If your computer does (gulp)...expire, there ARE ways, done by the right knowledgeable person, who COULD retrieve your photos. A friend of mine lost a son a couple years ago to cancer. Then her computer bit the dust. She was devastated. She pleaded with the computer repair guy, and he was able to save her photos for her.

If the one working on it can't do it, take your computer home, and keep calling until you find someone who can help you.

Have a blessed weeekend.

Joe said...

Hey you can get someone to use a linux LIVE CD to boot your computer, from there you can safely copy your pictures to a portable hard drive or Flash Drive.