Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hidden In My Heart

I am busy packing my oldest son, Taylor off for college. On Saturday, I will help him move into an apartment at Emory where he will continue his studies. I am strangley at peace about it all. I know God has prepared him for this and He has prepared me, too!
Fiercely independent from birth and into toddler hood, I recall how he could slip out of a tightly strapped car seat faster than Houdini himself. His inquisitiveness, charm, advanced vocabulary, and noticeable intelligence drew attention early on and kept me on my toes!
At the age of seven, he created this scroll (posted above in two sections) with scripture verses and a drawing. I have kept it hidden in a keepsake box for almost fourteen and secure. The verses he wrote that Sunday afternoon are so fitting today...prophetic, I believe.
He has always stood for truth and righteousness even as a very young child, desiring to know facts ( bent on the discovery himself...not just taking some one's word for it). Integrity and fairness define him as well...even when it meant standing alone, he often exhibited fairness and impartiality in those awkward middle school and demanding high school years.
I remembered something today... how he loved singing songs as young boy. One song in particular, "I have hidden your Word, hidden your Word, hidden your Word in my heart..." (from the Donut Man cassette tape)
I am grateful for your life, Taylor and how you honor the Lord, still hiding His Word in your heart!
What a ride it has been so far, what a thrill to see you chase your dreams, and realize them. It is such a blessing to have witnessed you grow into the man you are today! What a joy it is to be your mom! I love you!
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11

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