Monday, May 26, 2008


Griff, Savannah-Jane, and Taylor after Griff's graduation - 5/24/08

I have no greater joy
than to hear that my children
are walking in the truth.
III John 4

My son Griff graduated from high school this past weekend. What an honor it is to be called his mother. He was decorated with all sorts of drapings around his neck to recognize his achievements in high school. Of course I am proud of him. However, the pride I have for the scholarly achievments he received pale in comparison to the pride I have in knowing he is maturing in his walk with the Lord.

He entered the world with a struggle, a fight to live, a stubborn will.
I fretted. I worried. Then I relented and cried out to God... he belongs to you...You love him more than I do...You created him... I commit him to You. He belongs to You. Your will be done.

Stubborn will still persists. Mine and his.
Again I fret, worry, then surrender. Praising God that my son questions, seeks answers, and searches. How else will he truly know God? How else will he experience an authentic walk with Christ?

How else will I know the depth of the Father's love?

Still so many lessons for me to learn.

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