Saturday, May 17, 2008

And be grateful...

Charles Atlas - 1951
...Be strong in your faith,
just as you were taught.
And be grateful.
Colossians 2:7

I am grateful for...

115. people and events that taught me to be strong
116. God's perfect timing
117. community-wide mission opportunities:

a Pregnancy Crisis Center
community Backyard Bible Club

118. friends who pray and believe God

Rejoice in our confident hope.
Be patient in trouble,
and keep on praying.
Romans 12:12

God is always on time. His way is perfect. I can not manufacture or create situations where He will operate. I hope in the Lord, my trust is in Him alone. I am learning that I must trust Him with a patient confident hope, praying continually. He will not let me down. He will not forsake me. His plans are best and He wants to give me a future and a hope. Hallelujah! What a promise!
"In his exposition of the martyr Stephen's famous sermon, Pastor Mark Gibson says, "God will fulfill all that He has sovereignly ordained at the perfect time. For the believer, the call is to face all of life's difficulties, trusting God to do all that He has promised at just the right time."
Trust Him.

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