Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watch, Pause, Gaze, Delight, Wonder

Even there shall Your hand
lead me,
and Your right hand shall
hold me.

Psalm 139:10
As I watch her. . . .
This gift,
this child
who unexpectedly
and wondrously interrupted my life,
I pause
and I gaze at innocence.
I delight in His gift.
Yet, I wonder
about her future.
How uncertain it is.
I will tell her to watch,
to pause,
to gaze,
to delight
and wonder at
the One who has a plan.

Whatever this life holds for her I will tell her who holds it. I will tell her about The One who has her in the palm of His hand. The One who orchestrated her life from the beginning. The One who cares about every detail of her life. The One who will never leave or forsake her. The One who wants to give her abundant life. The One.

And as I tell her this, I hear Him whisper the same to my heart as He holds me. I need this reminding daily. Watch. Pause. Gaze. Delight. Wonder. And soak us His love. His grace. His mercy. His provision. His plan.

This child, teaching me.

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