Sunday, January 3, 2010

City Life

Just in an attempt to even things out, to redeem the whole restaurant experience, we went out to eat last night. And afterwards, we went to the grocery store. Both experiences were moderately pleasant, although I still can not figure out why someone sitting next to me must gag or throw up while I am attempting to enjoy my meal. happened again. Fortunately though, no one pushed their buggy into my heels or shared personal tidbits of information while I shopped. So overall, it was an enjoyable evening...even if we did have to drive 120 miles to get it.

Dear, sweet husband of twenty-four years has it figured out. He knows his girl has to have a little bit of city infusion once in a blue moon, and well, it really was a blue moon this past week. So, I got lucky!
We high-tailed it out of here and drove 60 miles to the nearest town with more than five restaurants and even a Publix Grocery Store. Hey, this man knows how to please his woman. After a lovely Mexican meal, (if you can call it lovely with the child choking on her burrito tossed in there), and a stroll through personal favorite shopping experience, we put the groceries in the back of the Equinox and threw caution to the wind. (the temperatures were in the low 30s so there was no chance of the organic milk going all organic on us)
Next, we bought tickets to see the 9:00 showing of AVATAR in 3-D (oldest son's suggestion)
Because we had a good forty-five minutes before showtime, we even got to walk through Target...another fun adventure for this retail-deprived gal.
After the movie, (which was better that I thought it would be although it gave me a weird headache) we drove 60 miles home, unpacked the groceries, and called it a night. City life is exhausting.

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