Monday, December 14, 2009

Treading water

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  
Only through experience of trial and suffering
 can the soul be strengthened,
 ambition inspired,
 and success achieved.
 -Helen Keller 

I really love this quote by Helen Keller. There really is so much truth to it. But lately, I feel like screaming...come on, my character is developing bruises, gimme a break! Enough already!

I really am searching for the silver lining in everything that has happened and hasn't happened...searching for reasons to be at peace, content, happy. 
I feel like I am treading water and about to drown. Waves crashing. Threatening to drown my hope. So much I can't control. So much out of my hands. So what to do? 

I make a choice. Again. A choice to cling. To hold on. I  make that choice regardless of how I feel, or what I see around me. Keeping the faith. And I add to the list. Things I am thankful for. 

576. celebrating father-in-law's 80 years
577. bags of groceries
578. cleansing tears
589. sweet words from husband
590. children singing Christmas carols

591. making cookies and fudge for oldest son

592. hearing Malli's laughter

593. visiting a college with daughter

594. protection on the road

595. cheering for CHS swimmers

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