Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Polar Express

Seeing is believing, 

but sometimes the most real things

 in the world are the things 

we can't see.

-Polar Express

I dressed in my pajamas today and went to work. Yep, sure did. I had the opportuntiy to sub in a Pre-K classroom where  we watched the movie THE POLAR EXPRESS and drank hot chocolate in our p.j.'s Guess that's one of the perks of teaching Pre-K. Learning is fun!

THE POLAR EXPRESS is a great classic movie that I always enjoy watching this time of year. There is a great message in it and I was reminded of it today as I sat there along with those wide-eyed four year-olds. 

To me it's a story of faith  - faith lost, faith reawakened, and faith renewed. 

Just like the main character, "Hero Boy"  who had doubts that Santa was real, I have found myself at times wondering ... if God is really there. And if He truly cares about my situation. 

Ronald Rolheiser in  Forgotten Among the Lilies,says to make “a deliberate and conscious effort at assuming the posture of a child before reality. We must work at regaining the primal spirit, a sense of wonder, the sense that reality is rich and full of mystery....It would be ridiculous to long for something that had no chance of ever being real. We enjoy magical stories because we pine for another world. We long for transcendence because we know there is something beyond. We experience wonder, because there is One who is called Wonderful.”

So today I come to you, Lord. Your child. Humbled.  Discouraged. Lost. Needing re-birth. A reawakening and a renewal. A child wide-eyed. In awe and wonder at the presence of you in my life...and in this world.  I seek the gift, the present I long for. The peace I need. Because you are WONDEFUL. And real. 

“Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me. As it does for all who truly believe.”
-Polar Express

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Mel Sapp said...

Enjoyed your post, Gina. Reminds me of a marquee I saw at a tiny little church today... "The best present is God's presence."