Monday, December 21, 2009


I love to host a party. The preparation. The cooking. The cleaning. All of it. I especially love to sit back...behind the scenes and watch as others enjoy. I wasn't the head hostess and I was instructed to be in the background. No problem for me. My favorite place.
The house was a-buzz.. Daughter invited fellow high schoolers, dedicated swimmers over for a Christmas party. They filled our home. Laughter. Constant chatter. Munching on homemade cookies, cupcakes, brownies, chips, dip and sipping soft drinks. Swapping gifts. Celebrating.

And more reason to celebrate. With gratitude. The list continues.

592.. daughter stirring, mixing, baking, decorating dozens of cookies

593. laughter and silly giggles 

594. candles burning  

595. diet coke with crushed ice

596. a warm, cozy fire

597. Christmas carols on the radio

598. hugs from my children

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