Friday, July 11, 2008

Faith that is sure of itself is not faith; faith that is sure of God is the only faith there is. - Oswald Chambers

God will surely do this for you,
for He always does just what He says,
and He is the one who invited you into this wonderful friendship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

1 Corinthians 1:9

July, 2006....With her penetrating dark eyes and her face aglow, a dear sister in Christ asked me, Sister Gina, please come back to Trinidad one day soon to help Faith Academy, the Special Ed. help the teachers and minister to the parents. I agreed that I would pray about it. I was willing, humbled though, wondering what I could do to help. We prayed. We believed. We agreed.
August 2007....A phone call from a stranger. She said, I just can't seem to get Trinidad off my mind. I remember hearing Brother Hamid preach in Douglas years ago and I ran into someone at the grocery store and they said you and your family had been there recently. Tell me about it.
I shared that we had helped with VBS, visited an orphanage, and that the church has started a new school for children with special needs. She was interested in how she could help Faith Academy.
Aren't you a teacher, she questioned. Can't you go and help the school?
I shared with her what the lead teacher at Faith Academy had asked and prayed for me to do that very thing. She said, Well, that's why I couldn't sleep. I now know what I am supposed to do. She went on encourage me to plan a trip and that she would pay for the airfare for everyone in my family so I could go and help the school.
July 2008 ....Exactly 2 weeks til we leave for Trinidad. Prayers were answered. I will be teaching a parent workshop and teacher workshop at Faith academy.
A trip we are certain is ordained by God. We believe He orchestrated it completely. No question. He supernaturally intervened to provide this opportunity through someone who "couldn't get Trinidad off their mind." Isn't Our God amazing?
As I sat down today, checking off things on my to-do list and adding more to the list, I was tempted. Tempted to panic. Tempted to listen to the enemy and his lies. He is so lame!
Oh Father, thank you for reminding me about the miraculous provision You made for us to return to Trinidad. You gave me three oportunities to share about Your faithfulness today. What a joy! All for Your glory!
You are yet to reveal all the reasons for this trip, but certainly I am humbled that You want to use me to help this precious school, these teachers, these families.
Forgive me when I begin relying on my energy, my strength, my abilities. I am nothing without You. I want to know you intimately. Keep me focused on You alone. As I am busy checking off my daily to do list, planning, preparing, remind me that I need to commune with You first and foremost. I am not alone. You walk beside me. You alone empower me, you fill me till my cup runneth over. I want to sit at Your feet, in Your presence. I put my faith in you! The only faith there is! Be still my soul.

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