Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Strengthened with all might,
according to His glorious power...
Colossians 1:11

A nest is a place of refuge built to hold an animal's eggs and/or provide a place to raise their offspring. In the animal kingdom, females have a fundamental desire to arrange, organize, and prepare ahead for their new arrival. I am fascinated with a mother bird that has chosen to nest in a potted plant by my back door. This refuge built of pine straw and twigs will hold life, providing a place to raise her offspring.

"The nesting bird, pelted by rain, faces up to the hardship rather than trying to escape it. She settles herself as deeply in her nest as possible and whichever way the wind shifts she alters her position so as to face directly into it. Man, too, gains by facing into adversity instead of seeking to flee before it."
Illustrations From Nature

In our times of trouble and incertainty, we have nothing to fear. We only need to mimic the "nesting bird" and settle deeply into the nest, Jesus Christ.
He will give us strength to face the storm head on!
Our strength lies in the sweet presence of the Lord who has promised to be with us wherever we go - and that includes the uncertainty of life.

Father, thank you for letting me nest in you, a shelter from the storm of uncertainty.

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