Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Grand daughter

As ye have therefore received
Christ Jesus the Lord,
so walk ye in him:
Rooted and built up in him,
and established in the faith,
as ye have been taught,
abounding therein with thanksgiving.

Colossians 2:6-7

First she lay in my arms, looking into my face, immobile just taking in nourishment. That was short-lived. No longer content with that, she rolled over then sat up, wobbly at first, but she gained strength and balance quickly. Sitting was not enough and she learned to push with her feet and scoot on her belly retrieving what she wanted, whatever her eyes were fixed on. Each day her legs became stronger and she went from a belly-scoot to a full-fledged crawl. Determined, she is everywhere now, pulling up on furniture, getting stronger ever day. Before long she will take her first steps. She will tumble and she will fall down. After all, walking is just one step away from falling. But I am certain that she will keep at it until it becomes second nature.

My grand daughter, growing so fast. She fills my life with so much joy. Watching her grow is a lot like this journey, this walk, that I am on.
Author F. B. Meyer says, "We received Jesus into our hearts by faith. . . . In the same manner we must live always and everywhere, receiving from Him, by faith, grace upon grace, and allowing what He works in to work out in all manner of godliness, tenderness, and Christlikeness. This practice of looking to Jesus for grace in every circumstance of life tends to become more and more habitual."

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