Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the winner is ...

Mocha Latte Frappacino wins!

Saturday night I was officially introduced to Starbucks. I know. I am probably the last person on earth to try this over-priced, but very popular coffee. I was content
with my bottle of water as I sat there lounging on the cute little sofa. But then suddenly, out of nowhere I snapped! I wanted coffee! Too inexperienced, and frankly embarrassed by my lack of knowledge, I coaxed my daughter to join me in this java experience. The aproned young girl behind the counter was taken aback when I announced it was my first. With a startled look she inquired, "Where do you live?" So to make things interesting, I sorta told her a half-truth. "A remote West Caribbean island," I replied. (Well, I do live there in my dreams)Anyway, before I could say 'I'm just kidding I live in a rural community with the closest Starbucks being 100 miles away," she was mixing up all sorts of concoctions for me to sample. Except the samples were full cups. It was a difficult evening. I had to choose between three different delicious flavors. But after the vote was in and the cup was empty, it was unanimous. I love Mocha Latte Frappacino! She said. "maybe next time you come to the states they will have the diet version!"

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Donna D said...

Ok Gina, I can't help but throw in a sales pitch. LOL Come to the shop at the library and I'll fix you a frozen drink just as yummy as Starbucks! Ask Taylor & Griff!