Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remembering Dawie

Gardens are a form of autobiography. 
~Sydney Eddison

 An early morning stroll around the yard seemed to shout LIFE at me. And I thought of her. I saw her in my mind. Clippers in hand and a glass of sweet tea not too far from her reach. The flowering forsythia, crabapple trees, pear trees, peach trees, and tulip trees in full bloom and looking forward to the bridal wreath blooms probably by Easter Sunday. All of these were planted by my precious mother-in-law who died 2 years ago today. She had a great love for nature, flowers, and of course her family. She landscaped and designed the yard, as well as the house we now live in. Her talented touch is everywhere. She is gone now, but her life is written in each bloom on every branch of every tree in our yard. 

Remembering her today and this beautiful season that ushers in Easter.  Hope. Life eternal.

Malli visiting Dawie's grave today.

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