Tuesday, October 27, 2009


me - Halloween 1963 

this post may scare you 
if you are opposed to fun.

For a girl who was born on October 31 and was treated by her parents to many wonderful Halloween-themed birthday parties most of her childhood, I am always surprised, really when the evils of this holiday, my birthday, are pointed out to me by some "Christian" friends.  Just wondering does anyone out there think we may be spending way too much time in fear of Satan and demons and talking about spiritual warfare than about pure freedom, joy, and fun one can find in life with JESUS? Even while dressed in, gasp, a witch costume.

I discovered this article and thought I would share. 

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Mel Sapp said...

Thanks for sharing that post. I miss those days of celebrating Halloween without having to apologize for it. Or call it something silly like Fall Funival (my church uses this term). When I worked at an elementary school, there was a little boy who shamed me for asking him what he was dressing up as for Halloween ... he said, "Ms. Sapp, didn't you know that halloween is the Devil's birthday?" Hmm..i didn't realize that Satan had a birthday.