Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

There we sat on the patio of a restaurant on this mild, late summer evening, just the two of us, me and my husband enjoying a meal together. As we finished, I noticed a familiar person out of the corner of my eye approaching our table. I awkwardly greeted her. It had been a while since we had last spoken and admittedly it was a little odd this sudden, unexpected face to face encounter. She politely asked if she could talk to me about something. I offered her a chair.

She said, I have come to say I am sorry.

I reached for her hand...that same hand that I held when we were both children. Playing countless hours together on the fertile farm land of our ancestors.

Through her tears, she humbly asked me to forgive her and apologized for something that had happened over two years ago. She did not try to explain or excuse her actions, she simply asked me to forgive her.

My response? I came out of my chair, embraced her and I accepted her apology.

Instantly, there was releif. The invisible, but very real fortress between us came tumbling down.

With just three simple words.

Springs of tears and fountains of forgiveness watered our faces and our souls.
Hearts grown hard suddenly softened, ready for new growth to take root.

These two. Daughters of the land. His daughters.Getting down to the heart of the matter.


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