Monday, September 14, 2009

Empty but Filled

These times,
these days of less,
these days of need,
I see
Less of me,
More of You,

What does it take to be truly grateful? Is it when the bills are paid, everyone is healthy, and the cupboards are full? Is that when I praise Him most? Can I really be thankful in times when nothing seems to be going my way? When I have more bills than income? When the path I should take is unclear and uncertain?

I have had plenty and been impoverished.
And now...
I have had less and been rich.

It's true...really. In God's economy, less is more.
Less of me, more of Him.
Now unspent richness that I can not contain or use up.
Empty and poured out, but filled.
Filled with gratitude for the gifts.
This feast of blessings.

530. a child's smile

531. giggling children in a classroom

532. encouraging words

533. a small, country school

534. grand daughter puckering up, blowing kisses

535. spanish moss draping trees

536. old friends, familiar faces

537. watching glowing bride-to-be open gifts


Linda said...

Your grateful heart and attitude are such a blessing Gina.
It is such fun to meet others who are trying to see with eyes open to the wonders of His blessings.

deb said...

nice to meet you here in this community, blessings