Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grace covering

Malli wearing my old-fashioned bonnet

Over forty years ago my grandfather gave me a red checked gingham bonnet. Although it was 1969 and not exactly a popular fashion statement for that day, I loved it. I wore it when no one was watching and secretly pretended I lived in a different century, like Laura Ingles.

The bonnet has covered not only my head, but my daughter's head when she was just a toddler while playing at the beach. Still with an aroma of salt air, I placed it on another head today.

While playing in the front yard, with a hint of Fall in the air , it covered my grandaughter today.

Like the grace from the Father.

Amazing grace covers.

Flowing down.

A covering of His grace in a rich garment of righteousness woven by the precious blood of Christ.

Grace covering.

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