Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's been a week now that I resolved to give in and give up to my Lord. (again)
I am putting my hope and my trust in Him alone. (again)
I can't do it alone, I confess. (again)
I admit I am lost without Him, my Shepherd.
Even when my heart is "right" I fail though. I trip up. And I wonder if He still loves me.
I wonder if He will just cast me aside this time and give up on me.
I am weak.
Will He welcome me still?
Will He look for me, search me out when I wander?
The answer is YES! He never gives up one me.
What blessed assurance. What peace I find in that today.
I praise You, Lord for you are my Salvation.

“There shall be more wonder at the going to heaven of the weak believers than at the stronger ones. Mr. Greatheart, when he comes there, will owe his victories to his Master and lay his laurels at his feet; but fainting Feeblemind and limping Ready-to-Halt with his crutches, and trembling Little-Faith—when they enter into rest, will make heaven ring with notes of even greater admiration that such poor creeping worms of the earth should win the day by mighty grace.
Suppose that one of them should be missing at the last? Stop the harps! Silence the songs! No beginning to be merry while one child is shut out! I am quite certain if, as a family, we were going to sing our evening hymn of joy and thankfulness, if mother said, ‘Where is the little mite? Where is the last one of the family?’ there would be a pause. If we had to say, ‘She is lost,’ there would be no singing and no resting till she was found.
It is the glory of Jesus that as a shepherd he has lost none of His flock, as the Captain of salvation, he has brought many sons to glory and has lost none.”

—Charles Spurgeon,
“Jesus Admired in Them That Believe”

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