Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wear It Proud!

Yes, that's him. William Griffis Morgan. Second born son from my first husband. HA!

I recently ordered some photo buttons from a site that offered pictures of Airmen/women at basic training. Apparently the company's sales are so good they don't even have to actually post the proofs. You just blindly enter your loved one's name and Flight number and 10 days later (or less) a package arrives and you pray the contents are photographs of that special one. 

Suckers, we Moms are. 

Well, my package came yesterday.
And what a sight for sore eyes!
I would recognize that face anywhere. My little boy.
OK...he's 21, but bear with me here.

You would have thought I'd won the Lottery. Seriously. I tore into that package and proudly pinned that button on and have worn it since.

I even wore the button to school today and bragged at every opportunity. 
One former Marine/teacher asked me if I was I going to wear it to his graduation, insinuating that I would embarrass him. 

I know. Can you believe it?

Would I wear it to his graduation?

I answered, "Is the Pope Catholic?" "Are cheetos fattening?"  "Does your skull have a brain?"

He may be a tough old Marine, but apparently he hasn't ever been a MOM!

After all, we are talking about the MOM that went into premature labor with that boy...labor that lasted  no less that10 hours...while battling a 103 degree temp! 

Who's tough now, Mr. Marine?
I kid. Sort of.

But really, I can't believe it's almost time to pack up and fly out to San Antonio for Griff's graduation from Air Force Basic Training. 

So very proud of my boy!

Gotta go. Trying to figure out how to pack this 8 x 4 banner with Griff's name on it.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Gina! Love you, Judi

Anonymous said...

This "tough old marine" had a tear in his eye when he read this proud mom's story. Chris

Rene Harris said...

I know you are smiling ear to ear and your heart won't stop pounding! You have done a great job raising such a fine young man. Love you!!